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Another Villains Fanfic!


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Ahh, yes. I am at it again! As you can see, i am attempting to write a villains fanfic which consists entirely of Disney Villains (Depending on how it does, i'll try a Non-Disney version next.. Not sure if i'll include the Disney Villains in the next one though) But.. Yeah.. I've also got it posted up on Fanfiction.Net as well. you may have stumbled on it, you may not have stumbled on it.. So far though im pretty proud on how it's turning out. Im hoping to include as many villains as i can, from animated to live action, originals, sequels, midquels, and even ones i haven't seen yet(Princess and the Frog). You may have stumbled on this on a different site, perhaps not.. Trying to think up a good name for it but im not sure what to call it! (For now i called it 'Destruction you seek'). If your expecting a story involving the villains gaining power and the heroes must find a way to stop them, please move to a different story. This is all the villains point of view.. Also, depending on if the "Rating" will change, i may just post a link to a different site so that you can read it there if that is alright. Anyways, roll the tape, boys!


Torture. That was the best word to describe it.

What he went through..

Everyone feared him. There were those that were brave enough to stand up against him, but they were quickly killed by him. Those fools never stood a chance. The last thing they would ever see would be a pair of blood-red glowing eyes staring down at them, they who dared stand up against him..

Indeed, he ruled most, if not all of Prydain. But he wanted more.. He wanted to be 'a god among mortal men' and in the end, it was his own downfall..

Legends say that there was once a king so cruel and so evil, that even the Gods feared him. Since no prison could hold him, he was thrown alive into a crucible of molten iron. There his demonic spirit was captured in the form of a great, Black Cauldron. For uncounted centuries, the Black Cauldron lay hidden, waiting, while evil men searched for it, knowing whoever possessed it would have the power to resurrect an army of deathless warriors, and with them, rule the world..

Eventually, the Black Cauldron was found, but not by evil men. It was found by those who wished the Cauldron destroyed. It was found by a Pig-Keeper, a Scullery Maid, a Broken Down Minstrel and a Cowardly Creature that went by the names of Taren, Eilonwy, Fflewddur Flam and Gurgi. They gained possession of the Cauldron by trading the magic sword Taren had too the three witches of Morva: Orwen, Orddu and Orgoch. However, they could not destroy the Cauldron, only stop it's powers by climbing into the Cauldron of their own free will. Unfortunately, he who did would never emerge alive again..

The Black Cauldron was eventually found, and the heroes who tried to save the world were captured. The Cauldron-Born was unleashed..

All hope seemed lost, but Gurgi escaped capture and with the help of Eilonwy's Magic Baubble, rescued Taren, Eilonwy and Fflewddur, but when Taren went to give his life to save the world, Gurgi leaped into the Cauldron. Taren tried to stop him, but it was too late..

The Cauldron-Born reverted back to being lifeless skeletons, but the Cauldron desired another life.. In the end, it chose he who wished to use the Cauldron for evil..

The pain was unbearable. He struggled against the current pulling him closer towards the Cauldron but it was to no avail. His insides felt like they were being boiled and it felt as though red-hot iron knives were stabbing him at every inch of his body as he was engulfed by the Black Cauldron..

And so, here he remained, drifting in darkness for how long, he was unsure.. He still felt the pain as the Cauldron tore through him, tearing the flesh from his bones and ripping the very life from his body.. Slowly.. Here he would remain, for all eternity.. Suffering eternal torture..

The Horned King,
He who sought the Black Cauldron, He who was destroyed by the Black Cauldron..


"I can just see that smug face right now.." Said a voice, snarling.

"I was so close!" The voice snarled again, this time with a more wild sound to it.. A bulky rat was stranded in darkness and was looking at it's reflection in the mirror. Unlike any other rat, this one wore black clothes and white opera gloves. The rat in the reflection however was more wild in appearence: It's fine clothes were ripped and torn and it's nails were like sharp needles. The rat turned away from the mirror, and the rat in the reflection did the same.

"I could have won! Everything was going according to plan!" The rat said, clenching his fists in anger.

"Ooh, how i wanted to strangle the life out of that weakling!" Replied the reflection, also clenching it's fists. It took the other rat a moment to realise that the reflection seemed to be acting with a mind of it's own now..

"Who are you?" The rat asked his reflection, walking back over to the mirror again. The reflection however, stayed where it was.

"Why do you choose now, of all times, to ask?" Replied the rat in the mirror with a slight hiss to it's voice..

"Because your not me." Said the rat. The rat in the reflection looked back and had an evil smile on it's face.

"Wrong.." Said the rat in the reflection, walking back over to the mirror. "Remember at the top of Big Ben?" Asked the rat in the reflection.

"Oh, yes! How i try to forget.." Replied the rat, rolling his eyes.

"When your cape got caught, you became wild and savage. You wanted to see Basil suffer, did you not?"

"You got that right.."

"That was me. I am you, and you are me." As the rat in the reflection said that, the other rat raised an eyebrow.

"Are you saying that im a rat like you?" Asked the rat, turning back to the mirror and walking away from it again. An evil grin appeared on the other rats face.

"Precisely, Ratigan.."

"Well, im NOT A RAT!" The rat known as Ratigan shouted, turning back to the Mirror again with the urge to smash it(He didn't care if he was cursed with seven years of bad luck) but the mirror was gone. And the strange dark realm he was in looked different as well.. It almost looked like some sort of cave, dark and dreary. Ratigan decided he would follow the tunnels to see if there were any others in these caves. But when he turned down the one tunnel, he saw something he never saw before in his entire life: A great piller leading up to the top of the cave, a piller that almost looked like a human skull with two glowing eyes..


Ratigan had decided that he would investigate that strange piller up ahead. Wherever he was, this couldn't have been London.. His instincts were telling him not to go there, but curiosity killed the rat.. And the cat as well.. As he went through more tunnels to get closer to the piller, he found out that the piller was surrounded by water. "I do not want to swim all the way to that piller.." Ratigan thought to himself with a quite grumble. There was something strange about that water anyways. It didn't seem like natural water.. As Ratigan went to turn around and find another way to the pillers, he all of a sudden came face-to-face with a cat much larger then Felicia. A Lion that looked elegant and poised but unkempt and wild. It had a mane of black fur and most noticeable was the scar on it's left eye. If Ratigan wasn't dead already, he would be now!

"Are you waiting for the boat to arrive as well?" Asked the feline, to Ratigan's surprise. What was this talk about boats all about?

"What boat?" Ratigan asked, trying to hide the fear that was in his voice at the sight of the lion..

"I was brought here by a human.. Or atleast, that's what i thought she looked like. She said to wait for the boat to arrive and speak to Hades." Said the Lion. The Lion looked over at the piller and narrowed his eyes. "If it's revenge you want, Hades is the one to talk too.." The Lion added in.

"Oh?" Ratigan said with surprise. Maybe this lion wasn't about to eat him after all.. Maybe it was a good thing to be here! Wherever here was.. "What's your name?" Ratigan asked, folding his arms.

"Taka, but you may call me Scar." Said the Lion known as Scar. "And yours?"

"Professor Ratigan." Replied Ratigan with a bow. Scar laughed as he watched Ratigan bowing to him. It almost made him feel like a king again..

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Ratigan." Scar replied with a grin..


"Ahh, my friends.." Scar said, looking up at the hyenas, Shenzi, Banzai and Ed with relief in his voice. However, the hyenas seemed less then pleased by what Scar had done..

"Friends?" Replied Shenzi, the female hyena, with a slight chuckle. "I thought he said we were the enemy." Asked Shenzi to Banzai.

"Yeah.. That's what i heard." Replied Banzai with a grin. As he listened to the hyenas, Scar realized he made a deadly mistake..

"Ed..?" Both Shenzi and Banzai asked Ed, who simply chuckled and snickered evilly in reply. Soon after, Scar realised that he was surrounded.. Scar tried to plead for his life, but it was to no avail..

That was the last time Scar ever put his trust in hyenas. Now here he was, waiting with Professor Ratigan for a boat to arrive. Of course, it didn't take too long. After a minute or two, the boat arrived and both Scar and Ratigan went onboard..

Ratigan was looking down at the water with the feeling of something being amiss. Scar also had a cold feeling running down his spine as he looked at the water. Perhaps there was some fish swimming underneath the boat, waiting for the chance to eat them?

"Oh!" Scar said, causing Ratigan to jump slightly.

"What's wrong?" Ratigan asked with an alert tone to his voice.

"In the water are faces.. Human faces." Scar said, pointing at the water. Ratigan took a closer look at the water, and sure enough, he too could see faces.. Almost like ghosts..

"Well, isn't that macabre?" Ratigan commented with a slight shiver..

Eventually, Scar and Ratigan arrived at the Piller. As they got off the boats and onto dry rock, they saw a stairway infront of them that lead to a door. They both walked up the stairs and Scar saw that the door was open ajar. Poking his head through the gap, he saw two humans talking: One was tall, thin and pale looking and wore what the humans called judges robes, long and black, and ontop of his head was a black chaperon with a long red cloth trailing from behind it. The other human looked more elegant and, unlike the other human, wore what they call a wig. A white one at that..

Ratigan followed Scar inside and snuck past the two humans. The one with the wig glanced over at them for a moment but resumed talking with the judge.. Ratigan thought he heard them talking about Gypsies and Pirates and how they wished to rid the world of the two. Apparently they were also here for revenge and are planning a plot on getting rid of the gypsies and pirates? Ah well, Ratigan was here for revenge and so was Scar.. Still, they both wondered who else they would meet here? As they walked down the hallways, they finally came face-to-face with a door.. Scar and Ratigan looked up at the doors and a heavy sigh escaped Ratigan. "Why do i have a bad feeling about this?" Ratigan said to himself, folding his arms. "I mean.. I dont know, it just feels like it's some kind of trap."

"You worry to much.." Scar replied calmly. After a moment, the doors openned up to reveal another dark hallway. Ratigan looked down the hallway and sighed with defeat.

"Oh well, im dead anyways.." Ratigan said with a shrug, walking in, followed by Scar..