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Autumn Leaves


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Autumn Leaves

Halloween fics by Daddytops2009 with Disney's Rescue Rangers

Episode I

Whitman, Massachutes in the 1900's

Five small South American scout girls they had a Halloween party in a cabin in a wood with their supervisor, and it was a late night.

But five years later did they return to the woods, and they had a Halloween party with the supervisor again.

Later on was the supervisor and the kids nowhwere to be seen, and they was wanted.

Whitman, Massachutes in the 1980's

Gadget Hackwrench and Dale they was on a vacation in Dale's cabin near the woods, and it was one of the first autumn days.

After Gadget and Dale had been to a party with some other Rangers in a city nearby one evening, did they think they had uninvited guests.

Gadget she said to Dale 'Golly! Somebody, or somthing has been here, or they are hiding!'

Dale he shouted into the forest 'Hello! Anybody here?'

Nobody replied, as it was a quiet night in the remote woods.

Suddenly was a girl showing up in the cabin, and the two Rangers noticed it.

Dale shouted 'Hey! Who are you'

But the kid just disappeared, as the pair thought they heard something run around in both the dark woods and the cabin.

The two animals went into their bedroom, and someone had written on the windows.

Then was the Rangers running deeper into the woods, as they thought they saw an armed woman.

The heroes they ended by another cabin in the woods, and Dale he said 'Wait! I don't think nobody has used this place for years!'

Suddenly was the ghostly girls and the woman showing up again, as the heroes was caught.

Nowadays nobody knows what happened to the scouts, and the two heroes.


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Episode II

Staten Island Wolfe's Pond Park

Bink, Tammy and their mother they was on an autumn vacation in Staten Island, and they spend their vacation in a park.

But Bink she went missing in the park one evening, and nobody could find her.

New York City

The Rescue Rangers was in their HQ, as Flash he returned from Staten Island to NYC.

Flash he said "Bink she is missing in Staten Island Wolfe's Pond Park, and even I can't find her!"

Gadget she said "Golly! I think we need some more help here!"

Then was the Rangers, Flash and Foxglove flying to Staten Island.

Staten Island

The heroes met with Tammy and her mother, and they told where Bink was last seen.

As the heroes was spreading up in search in the park with the help from Plato that was living in the park, did they not find any trace of Bink.

But later in the evening did Gagdet and her friends hear kids voices in the park, and they went all together deep in the park that starry evening.

It was not Bink, but some ghostly kids that cried after their parents.

The Rangers ran out of the park, and found a motel outside the park.

That next morning was the heroes finding out on a computer that kids were murdered in the park, so they returned to the park to find Bink again.

The heroes they found Bink by the pond, but Lawhiney too.

Gadget she said "So Lawhiney it was you who did all this!"

Lawhiney she said "I had to hide him well, but I'm afraid I have to take you next!"

As Gadget and Lawhiney was in a fight, did the other heroes run away with Bink.

Lawhiney lost again as she ended in the pond, and then was the villain running away deep into the park again.

But the Rangers would not return to that haunted park after their mission, and not even Tammy, Bink and their mother.