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All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 Plot Rewrite


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Ages and ages ago (back when I'd first discovered the concept of message boards), I used to check out a board for All Dogs Go To Heaven, which was a film I had vague memories of at the time, and tracked down soon after. I was interested by the concept, and posted several notes about...actually I can't really remember what, aside from several posts discussing nitpicky aspects of the second film. Sooner or later, I searched for other films I'd seen and ended up here (but that's another story)!

Anyway, one thing I had attempted several times was to rewrite the plot of the second film, which I thought was clunky compared to the original. Not only did it mess up characters, but it dropped some completely, and didn't fit well between the first film and the TV series. I started writing this as an attempt to explain away some of these mistakes, and then I decided to rewrite the entire story. I'd actually abandoned it a while back, but just today I decided to revist it and finish it once and for all. Like the rest of my story ideas, it's a synopsis, but have a read and tell me what you think!


The film starts out with several shots of the locations of the previous movies with credits superimposed over them (such as the junkyard, the old church, the ruins of the casino boat and the house of the wallet family). After the last image, the camera pans up into the sky, with various shots of clouds. We hear voices, shouting about a Frisbee. The figure of Charlie comes into view. He and several others from the previous film (including Smiley) are playing with a Frisbee, but Charlie is noticeably unenthusiastic, and soon leaves after missing a catch. The others resume their game.

Charlie ends up talking with Carface & Killer, who have wandered up. Other angels walk past them as they do, and Carface is repeatedly congratulated by them for his complete “change of heart”, as he has supposedly rehabilitated himself.

Charlie expresses his disgust at the state of things in Heaven, including how he can not gamble in any way, and how Itchy has not appeared, despite more than 50 years having passed. Killer guesses why he’s not here; Charlie’s stunt in the first film caused a backlog in paperwork, and as such various dogs have been held up for several years. Killer knows this because he snuck through with help from Carface upon his arrival.

Shortly after, a trumpet sounds new arrivals. Charlie, figuring that this could be the time, joins Carface, Killer, and countless others in lining up orderly around the gates to watch. A large cart, surrounded by dog heralds and Annabelle arrives, carrying Gabriel's Horn. Annabelle blows the horn, and the gates open. Countless arrivals come through, and are greeted by their relations. Charlie bitterly comments on each arrival to a distracted Carface and a less than interested Killer. The ceremony begins to end and everyone starts to head away, when all of a sudden Itchy comes plummeting through the gates. As Charlie and Itchy have a fond re-union, we cut to Carface, watching the Horn being loaded away with an evil look on his face.

Charlie takes the time to show Itchy around Heaven, also commenting on his disgust (It's Too Heavenly Here). Itchy asks why Charlie can't simply return like last time, to which Charlie holds up his waterlogged and ruined watch and mentions added security. Shortly after, another trumpet sounds the beginning of the Angel's Choice Awards. Charlie and Itchy get good seats. Killer walks past looking for Carface, who is strangely absent, despite a sure guarantee of a win. He leaves to find him.

Carface, meanwhile, is using notes and references about Gabriel’s Horn and its security to steal the Horn, gathered throughout years of pretending to be reformed. He succeeds in stealing it, and heads for the Pearly Gates. The scene changes repeatedly from the Awards to Carface's attempt to escape.

Killer sees Carface with the Horn and races after him. However, Carface triumphantly manages to blow the horn before Killer catches up with him and knocks him to the ground. Getting up, Killer starts lecturing Carface on what he is doing. Carface ignores everything he says, because he has noticed that the horn has not and only opened the gates, but also every window in a nearby building. Guessing that he could use this to his advantage, he gives Killer a quick grin and leaps through the gates back to earth. Killer looks after him as the gates close, and plummets too, leaving his halo trapped in-between the gates, wedging them open.

Back in the awards room, Carface's name is called, and a spotlight is shone where he should be sitting, but it is empty. The hall collapses into chaos as angels attempt to find Carface and also discover Gabriel’s Horn missing.

Falling through clouds, and simultaneously being stripped off all their heavenly mementos, Killer scuffles with Carface for the Horn. Killer grabs it and holds it high above his head, but is startled by a passing plane. He drops the horn, and an infuriated Carface throttles him as they both fall. The two crash on top of one another onto one of the deserted streets of San Francisco.

Carface climbs off the bedraggled Killer, and dusts off his coat. Killer picks himself out of the ground, and asks what they’re going to do next. Carface looks around, and notices the entrance to a pub run by dogs; a good place to build up a reputation. He heads off with Killer in pursuit, but neither notice a shadowy figure following them.

Back in Heaven, a large search has failed to find Carface, and recent news shows that Gabriel's Horn is missing, presumably gone with him. Killer is also missing, and his Halo is jammed in the gates, holding them open. Annabelle asks for volunteers to retrieve the Horn. Charlie overhears, and fights his way through the crowd to be noticed. Itchy follows, pointing out that the Horn has fallen to San Francisco, not New Orleans, and so he won't be able to find their old hang-outs. Charlie ignores him, commenting that “Any port will do in a storm”, and proceeds to volunteer himself.

Annabelle, pitying his pathetic attempt, decides to send him, but knowing Charlie's record, and the fact that he is sweet-talking her with the same lines he used in the first movie, decides to send a reluctant Itchy with him to try to control him. She tells them that the Horn gives off a Tone that only angels can hear, which should help them find it. She also gives them both a Miracle Dog Tag, which will allow for one miracle each, when they really need it. However, since neither have collars, Itchy keeps both in his hat. Several angels pry open the gates, send Charlie & Itchy through, and watch in a slow horror as the gates slam closed.

Charlie and Itchy set off down the road, before abruptly falling through the clouds, and landing in the heart of San Francisco. Despite the protests by Itchy to find the horn and go, Charlie enters a pub in the area which is hosting a talent show. After several minutes of failed attempts to converse with the locals, Charlie ultimately realises that he is a ghost, and is now forced to complete his mission instead. He grumpily heads for the exit, when the next contestant is announced. Sasha LaFleur (Count Me Out).

Charlie is enraptured by her singing, and says he would give anything to talk to her. Itchy, walking in the other direction, accidentally starts a conversation with Killer, who is working as a waiter. Realizing the identity of one another, they both react, causing a mild ruckus and spilling the drinks Killer was carrying. Charlie comes over and asks how Killer is here, and alive! Killer quickly dismisses the other patrons, claiming to have tripped, and calls Charlie and Itchy over to a table in the corner. In the chair, sucking on a candy cane, is Carface.

Itchy is quick to ask about the horn, to which Carface claims he saw falling through the gates, and he leapt after it, with Killer leaping after him. He says that he doesn't know why it was falling, but says that he would be happy to help Charlie find the horn. Charlie then brings up the detail of how Carface & Killer have somehow come back to life. Carface indicates the collar around his neck, and demonstrates its ability by removing it, walking through a wall, and then donning it again. Charlie inquires where he could obtain one for himself. Itchy doesn't trust Carface, but Charlie ignores him.

Carface reluctantly agrees to show him, but also pulls Charlie down and tells him he has no intention on going back to Heaven, and that if he shows Charlie where to find the collars, then Charlie can not tell anybody he saw him when he goes back. Charlie mentions that he might consider joining him. After all, they were partners once. Carface & Killer lead Charlie and a reluctant Itchy towards a decrepit building on the outskirts of town. Inside are countless curios and artifacts, although the building is empty. Charlie attempts to pocket something, but is stopped by Killer. At this point, an elderly dog enters. Interestingly, his shadow does not match his body shape.

Carface introduces him as Red, an expert in the paranormal. Charlie inquires about the collars, to which Red opens a drawer and removes two. Red explains what the collars do, how they work, including some unusual features, and offers them to Charlie & Itchy. Carface is obviously perturbed when he hears that they are a gift, but he says nothing. Itchy asks why he is giving them away free. Red replies that “Any friend of Carface is a friend of mine”. Charlie happily slips one on, and runs outside to test his new collar. It works, and Itchy is forced into a collar as Charlie returns. The two leave, and Killer closes the door after them. Charlie plans a quick detour back to the pub.

As soon as they disappear from view, Carface immediately shouts at Red, angry as to why Charlie & Itchy retrieve free collars, when he & Killer have had to work for theirs, which wear off eventually. Red responds that Charlie's & Itchy's collars will also wear off, but not until later, so they will come back for more, and thus they will help him with his plans in return for new collars. Carface is unconvinced, instead wanting to know why he didn't get the same deal. Red starts to say that Charlie required a different way of coercion, but Carface has had enough, and starts to leave. Red panics, and before Carface leaves, he makes him a final offer. Help him with one final task, and both Carface and Killer will receive permanent collars.

Carface hesitantly agrees, before asking what the task is. Red says he wants them to rescue Gabriel’s Horn and bring it to him. Killer asks how he knows about the horn, to which Red replies, “There's plenty you don't know about me”. Carface instantly disagrees, as he wants the horn for himself. Red convinces him that the horn is nothing compared to the ability to live again, and so he reluctantly agrees. Red then sends the two of them after Charlie & Itchy, to follow them to the horn and get it before they do. Carface makes sure that Red will stay true to his deal, to which Red responds, “Of course I will. A deal with me is binding”.

The two leave in search of the horn. Red retreats into the back rooms of the building, where two glowing crystal balls sit on the table. Red rummages in a cupboard, retrieves two more, which glow as he touches them, and adds them to the table. In each crystal ball the figures of Charlie, Itchy, Carface & Killer appear, as if on camera. Red monologues part of his plan to the surrounding room, mocking the crystals at the same time. (It Feels So Good To Be Bad).

Charlie returns to the talent show, and watches an argument between the pub owner & Sasha. Charlie intervenes, but by the time he wins the argument, Sasha has disappeared around the corner. Charlie & Itchy follow, after Charlie is egged on by the voice of Red, who is speaking through his collar tag. Carface & Killer appear out of the shadows, and speak to Red through their collar tags, saying that Charlie is following someone from the pub. Knowing he’ll be distracted for a while, Red tells them to follow them later. For now, they are to head for Alcatraz Island. Killer points out how far away Alcatraz Island is, and asks how they are supposed to get there and back so quickly. Their collars begin to glow, and Red says that the collars have more abilities than Carface realizes. Carface & Killer disappear.

Charlie follows Sasha to a junkyard, where she attacks him, before recognizing him from the talent show. After a quick apology, she retreats into a hole in a trash pile. Charlie follows, and finds her looking after a young boy named David. Itchy follows behind him, and is startled by a broken jack-in-the-box. He jumps, and David & Sasha both come over to investigate. David comforts a shaky Itchy, while Charlie talks with Sasha, who mentions that she found David shivering on the side of the train tracks, and that she's been looking after him ever since.

Charlie walks up to David, and comments on his general appearance, prompting David to jump up in terror. Everyone is startled, until David exclaims that Charlie appears to be talking to him. Charlie notices Itchy's collar, and remembering Red talking about the “unusual features” of the collars, realizes that David can understand him because of the collar. When Sasha questions how he can talk to David, he attempts to make up a fake back-story on the spot, using objects inside the trash den for inspiration.

Ultimately, seeing a Christmas Angel ornament lying amidst the junk, he claims he is a guardian angel on a mission. David interrupts, believing Charlie is his guardian angel, and begins to tell Charlie why he is hiding in the dump; he believes his parents no longer care about him now that his stepmother is having her own child. Charlie is quick to dismiss David’s belief that he is a guardian angel, but after listening to part of the story, he takes a soft spot towards David. Asking where he is planning to go, David answers “Cannery Square”, to perform magic tricks. Charlie instantly thinks this is a dumb idea, until he sees David perform a range of tricks, going from easy, to normal, to insanely difficult! Charlie is quick to egg David on, but David mentions that no-one has been interested in his talents so far. As Charlie listens, we see something change inside him, and Charlie offers to help David with his future.

At this point, Sasha leaps in, attacking Charlie for suggesting such a foolish idea, and telling Charlie to tell David to go home. Sasha also says that she has tried everything to get him home, and that if Charlie can't get David to go home, then it would take a miracle. In the background, as a side-effect of one of David’s tricks, Itchy is sent flying across the room, and his hat falls off, both dog tags landing in front of Charlie. At this point, Red’s voice emanates from Charlie's collar; unheard by any of the others, and it suggests to him to “Work a Miracle”. Charlie subconsciously agrees. Announcing “One Miracle coming up”, he removes his collar, grabs one of the tabs, and kisses Sasha, who smacks him across the face and begins to insult him, before realizing that she can speak English as a result. Itchy angrily grabs his hat and the remaining tag. By now, David is now completely convinced of Charlie's heavenly status, and so decides to follow him. Sasha decides to tag along, as she doesn't trust Charlie.

In the meantime, we see what Red is up to. Carface & Killer reappear on the island, and walk through the open gates into the main prison hall of Alcatraz Prison. They look into the dingy cells, where Carface is surprised by a baby alligator with a significant resemblance to King Gator sticking out of a toilet. He angrily flushes it, sending it spinning in the bowl. Hearing a laugh, the two look up. On the upper floors, Red strides along the catwalks. He announces to the puzzled dogs below that this is where his new plan will take place, a “symphony orchestra” of pure evil. Noting their confused looks, Red mentions that they will be able to share his fame once they complete their mission. Assuming the best, they head off, to gain places in history. Behind them, Red walks out of view, and reveals his true form; transforming into a demonic cat-like creature while the dazed gator hums along (It Feels So Good To Be Bad:Reprise).

Back in the city, Charlie attempts to sweet-talk Sasha as they walk down the street. Unfortunately for him, he is distracted by her and walks into an ancient fence, which abruptly falls on top of him. Itchy rushes over to help, only to be fobbed off by an annoyed Charlie who comments that “…a dead dog can't die twice”. As he gets up, he comments that his ears are still ringing. Itchy mentions that his ears are ringing too. Looking behind them, they see that the Horn is lying on the back of a truck stopped at the traffic lights. They race after it, just in time for Carface & Killer to spot them running after it. The lights change from red to green, and so they are all forced to chase through the city.

Finally, the truck stops at the city police station, and they see a man take it inside. Sasha asks Charlie what's so important about the horn. Charlie doesn't have time to answer, just calling it an “Important Heavenly thingy” before rushing inside. Arriving at the doors, Charlie cleverly drops his collar on a nearby pot plant, and sneaks through the building. Noticing the truck owner talking to a police officer, he runs over and sits by him. As he listens to this clearly insane man tell a story about how “Aliens bombarded his house with a ghostly horn”, Charlie notices another officer taking the horn into a store room.

Following the cop into the store room, Charlie finds himself in a room of abandoned musical instruments. Eventually he manages to find the right locker room. However, being non-corporeal, he is unable to get the horn past the gates. He realises sulkily that the miracle tag would have helped here.

Back outside, several things are going on. Itchy is trying to keep Gabriel's Horn a secret, and Carface & Killer are debating their next action. Charlie promptly arrives out of nowhere, and says that rescuing the horn is going to have to be a group effort. Carface decides to follow.

Inside the building, Charlie, Itchy & Sasha are disguised as guide dogs, while David pretends to be a blind man. David abruptly crashes into an officer, who helps him to his feet before moving on. As the officer leaves, we see that David has successfully stolen his keys through a sleight-of-hand trick. They head for the storeroom, and enter it. Behind them, we see a couple reporting a missing child to an officer. As they leave, we see that they are David's parents.

In the storeroom, David unlocks the door and Charlie rescues the horn. Itchy points out that he still has his Miracle and that Charlie could have just used it to unlock the door. Grumpily, Charlie heads out. However, an officer at the door notices them and gives chase. They wreak havoc in the storeroom, knocking over several boxes to trip up the officer, before making their way towards the exit.

In the main hall, Carface attempts to steal the horn from Charlie, who quickly realises that his ex-partner is as crooked as ever. At the same time, an officer recognizes David from a picture in the Lost & Found area. Instinctively, they all run for the exit and grab a motorbike waiting outside. Itchy quickly rewires it, as mechanical work is his area of expertise, and they head off. The officer follows in a squad car, upon which Carface has hitched a ride. Lastly, Killer grabs an impounded skateboard, and follows after them.

A chaotic race through the city results in the squad car breaking down, Carface and Killer being catapulted into a tree, and the others escaping to an abandoned pier. There, convinced by Red’s suggestions through the collar, Charlie hides the horn in a crab trap, and convinces Itchy to give him more time. Itchy successfully resists Red’s temptations, when he tries a similar thing. Moving over to the others, David points out Cannery Square in the distance. Charlie pinches a hat and coat from a nearby performance, and gives them to David.

Arriving at Cannery Square, they see a carnival of sorts is showing, and they rent a stand from the manager; a descendant of Seymore Fatwort. Once there, they perform a magic show, and we see a familiar look in Charlie’s eyes as he considers the money that could be made (Easy Street). However, the final trick goes horribly wrong, and the rain storm that follows sweeps what was left of David’s act down the drain.

Retreating to the docks, Itchy heads off to scavenge food for them all. Sasha tries again to get David to go home. He nearly agrees, but wants to know what Charlie thinks he should do. Charlie advises that he should go home, and says that it was wrong of him to suggest Easy Street to David. David agrees to go home, if Charlie takes him. Charlie agrees, and asks where the house is. David mentions his home is on the other side of town, but his elderly grandmother lives nearby, and is great with animals. David suggests that Charlie stays with her as a house pet. Before he can tell David he can’t stay, he is interrupted by Itchy, who has returned with food.

As the others eat, Charlie sadly leaves them and walks to the top of the pier. Sasha follows him, and congratulates him for helping David change his mind. Charlie confesses the truth, and explains why he tried to help David on the road to Easy Street.

A flashback montage scene follows, where we see Charlie’s accomplishments in life as he narrates them, starting with him running away from home, starting a failed business, meeting a young Itchy, ultimately succeeding with a young and thin Carface who already has a taste for candy canes, falling in love with one of the dancers at his club, Flo, her leaving him because he is too unreliable, and him getting arrested and sent to the pound; Itchy following after him. He explains throughout the scene how his first attempt to make it on his own ended miserably, and how he was trying to help David avoid making the same mistakes.
Charlie closes by saying that David is another one of the many people who have come in and out of his life, and that he must return to Heaven with the horn. Confessing his love for Sasha, she returns it (I Will Always Be With You). As they turn to kiss, Red’s figure appears imposed over them, and as he snaps his fingers, Charlie’s collar disappears. Sasha and David both react to the sudden disappearance of Charlie & Itchy. Unable to contact them and seeing no other possible option, Charlie runs to Red’s shop in an attempt to bargain for another collar, not noticing the shadows nearing the docks as he leaves.

Charlie arrives at the shop. Red is in the back room, and Charlie catches him looking over two of the crystals before Red notices him and talks to him. Red tells him that he’s sorry that he forgot to tell him that the collar would run out. Charlie may have another collar, but this time it will cost him.
Itchy enters Red’s store, with Gabriel’s Horn in his mouth. Charlie, out of ideas, suggests a trade with Red, demonstrating the powers of the horn. Red rushes forwards, eager to trade, but Charlie stops him; he doesn’t get to keep the horn. Charlie will let Red use the horn for an hour if Red gives him a collar that will last that long. Red offers instead a collar that will last for a year if he gives him the horn forever, but Charlie still refuses. Red begins to lose his patience, as no-one has ever attempted to challenge one of his deals before, and offers a collar that would last for ten years, but Charlie again refuses. Red loses his temper, almost revealing his true form in the process, and gives Charlie one final offer; a collar that would last long enough to give Charlie another life. Visions appear in Red’s crystal balls showing Charlie happily living with David, Itchy and him running a successful bar, and Sasha and him together forever. Charlie is clearly tempted by this, but ultimately he tells Red that the deal is off.

Red instantly loses what patience he had left, and shouts at Charlie, cursing him for attempting to defy him. He reveals his true form, and angrily tells them “You want collars? Then take them! If you won’t freely give me the horn, then I’ll force you to!”

Two monstrous snake-like collars rope themselves around Charlie and Itchy. Red grabs the largest crystal ball from the shelf and gestures for Charlie to look into it. In it, David and Sasha are being held prisoner by Carface and Killer in a prison cell. Charlie demands he set them free or else. Red is unfazed by this and tells Charlie to think things over, because if he doesn’t deliver the horn to him on Alcatraz Island by midnight, he will kill both David and Sasha. In addition to this, he will make the collar Charlie wears last forever, so he is trapped with the guilt forevermore. Red then vanishes in whirlwind of red smoke. Charlie collapses, and Itchy runs over to him. Charlie is unable to think of any possible way out, and figures that he’ll have to give the horn up. Itchy snaps him out of it and reminds him; he still has his Miracle tag.

Meanwhile, on Alcatraz, Red, in his true form, waits with Carface and Killer, who stand guard in front of a cell containing David and Sasha. Charlie calls out, and emerges from the entrance, closely followed by Itchy, who is carrying the horn. Red asks if Charlie has changed his mind, to which Charlie responds that he can have the horn if David and Sasha are freed. Red agrees, and orders Carface and Killer to release David. Itchy reluctantly tosses over the horn, and it lands at Red’s feet. Sasha and David run over to Charlie; Sasha asking what he is doing. Both Charlie and Itchy smile, and Charlie tells them to run.

Red picks up the horn and begins to blow, but nothing happens. He tries again, but the only result is the Gator from earlier humming with him. He turns and sees Charlie in the doorway, waving the horn, and he realises he’s been tricked. Charlie laughs at him, but fails to notice Killer behind him, who knocks him out by hitting him over the head with a pair of pliers.

Killer then hands the horn over to Red; Charlie waking up in time to see him doing as such. He is too late to stop him, and Red laughs triumphantly, and blows the true horn. The music is foul and distorted, and Charlie watches in horror as every door in Alcatraz bursts open.

In Heaven, the angelic dogs waiting by the Pearly Gates watch as they begin to open. Several dogs cheer that the horn has been found. Suddenly, the gates become teeth, and fierce winds suck every dog out through the gates.

Back in Alcatraz, Charlie watches in horror as every cell is filled with an angel, and the island begins to sink into the waters. Strengthened by the power of the trapped dogs, Red grows to become the demonic monster from the first film. Red places the horn on his hand as a ring and laughs evilly, only to be confronted by Carface, who demands an explanation for the destruction of Heaven, stating that even he has limits. Red mocks him and ignores his complaints, returning to the matter at hand.

Charlie faces Red, attempting to steal the horn, but Red is too quick for him and instead squishes him against the wall. Unseen by Red, Carface is on a catwalk above him, and while he is distracted, Carface leaps onto a hanging light fixture, and uses it to swing near Red and grab the horn from him. However, before he can escape, Red uses the collar he gave him to throttle him, sending both Carface and the horn crashing to the floor.

Itchy, Sasha and David enter the room, searching for Charlie, and find him being attacked by Red. Itchy notices the horn and makes a run for it. Killer joins them, wanting to help, and the four head for the centre of the room. Red abandons Charlie and heads for the horn. David gets it, but when Red grabs him he makes it vanish in his hands. Red sees that Sasha now has it, and is heading for the door, with Itchy helping.

As Red pursues, David and Killer rush to aid Charlie, who soon gets up and races after Red, who has cornered both Itchy and Sasha. Sasha tricks Red into hitting a water pipe, which explodes and visibly hurts him. While Red is distracted, Itchy throws the horn to Charlie, and he and Sasha run. However, Red recovers and grabs Itchy, hurling him across the room, where he hits the wall and lies still, before his collar melts away. Charlie is shocked, and growls at Red, who laughs. Charlie hears Killer’s voice and turns to see Killer pointing at the roof; visible through the skylights is a large water tower. Charlie heads up the stairs, only to have Red follow him and tear the catwalks apart.

Charlie makes it to the roof and ascends the tower, only to be followed by Red, who has leapt through the ceiling. Charlie attempts to blow the horn and reverse Red’s damage, but Red sees this and makes Charlie’s collar tighten; throttling him. Charlie continues to climb, and kicks the tower chute at Red. However, the tower is empty. Charlie tries the horn again, managing a feeble tune, but Red throttles him again. Red’s figure looms above him as the demon clings to the tower, and he tells Charlie that there is no escape for him. However, Red hasn’t noticed that Charlie is no longer wearing his collar; the horn’s power to unlock things has released him from it. Red asks if he has any last words. Charlie smiles and simply says “You Can’t Keep A Good Dog Down” before leaping from the water tower. Red lunges after him, and the tower collapses under his weight. Red flinches and tumbles through the roof of the prison, breaking the floor apart. Before he can pick himself up, music is heard; Charlie, floating overhead, is playing the horn. All the dogs are freed from their cells, and they fly back into Heaven. Red recoils from the noise and vanishes into the crack in the ground, which seals itself after him.

Charlie floats back down to see Sasha and David standing to one side. They cannot see Charlie, but Sasha sees the floating horn and realises he must be there. Charlie rushes down to Itchy, who is lying bedraggled on the floor. However, Itchy soon proves himself to be fine and leaps up, pointing out to Charlie that “a dead dog can’t die twice”. As the two laugh together, the camera pulls back to show Carface standing with Killer; their collars still intact. They disappear into the darkness.

A light shines down from the sky on Charlie and Itchy, revealing them to Sasha and David, who run over to them. Charlie can only apologize that he won’t be there for David before the light carries them into the sky. Annabelle appears, and congratulates them both for rescuing the horn. Charlie hands it to her, and she informs him and Itchy that they are both to receive the highest possible awards that an Angel can get. Itchy is quite pleased at this, but Charlie is visibly unhappy. Annabelle notices this, and looks down to see Sasha and David still waiting on Alcatraz. She thinks for a second, and then tells Charlie that, although she’s not supposed to do it, she is going to give him another chance at life, under the pretense of being a guardian angel on earth. Charlie is fine with this, despite it meaning he’ll need to do the odd job, and calls for Itchy to join him. Itchy however, decides to stay. Charlie bids his friend farewell before heading back down; Annabelle and Itchy heading towards Heaven. As they disappear, the light moves to envelop Sasha and David as well, and in a bright flash, they are all standing on a street in San Francisco.

David instantly recognizes his home, and Sasha turns to see Charlie. He tells her that he’s been allowed to stay, and David heads for the door. His parents answer it, and they reconcile. As Sasha and Charlie talk, David asks his parents if he will be able to keep the dogs as pets, as they looked after him. His parents agree. David brings Sasha and David inside and proceeds to show them the house, taking them to his room, the back yard, and his lounge, where his Grandmother is sitting. Charlie looks at her, and recognizes her as an elderly Anne-Marie. The two re-unite, and Charlie settles down, having finally found a place that’s right for him (It’s Too Heavenly Here: Reprise). Roll credits.

After the end credits, a bonus scene is shown of a young pup attempting to cross a road. It starts to cross, but a truck appears out of nowhere, heading for the pup. At the last minute, Itchy swoops out of nowhere and rescues the pup, placing him on the other side of the road before stating that “Guardian jobs are hard work”. He then flies off, commenting that Charlie could probably help him.

Thoughts? (Whoops, the message board removed the format! Let me fix that...)


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good job, that works a lot better than the second film..
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Whoops! I just found out that in ADGTH2, there's a part during "It Feels So Good To Be Bad" where Red (cartoonishly) cuts off Carface's head with a barber's razor, that's actually a nod to his voice actor(George Hearn)'s role as Sweeney Todd on Broadway. Hmm...I'll need to work that part back in the next time I edit this...