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Age of Empires


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Have you played any of Age of Empires game? How you liked it? I played only Age of Empires III, I spent a lot of time playing most times the campaigns, and when I got the III Definitive edition, I enjoyed multiplayer as British too, even though I lose often. My favorite missions in campaigns were challenging defensive missions, where I had to remain alive within the time limit.


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Yes! I played AOE 1 a lot as a kid, and then got into AOE 2 during my teenage years. I enjoyed the campaign in AOE 3 though I didn't enjoy the "gun period" as much, so I prefer the older games. And I am somewhat cautiously interested in what AOE 4 will bring us.

That said, I am not at all good at the games haha. I mostly enjoy exploring, building stuff, upgrading my empire, and then win by building a wonder or the like haha.

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I never got to play any of those games when I was younger, though I'm sure I would've loved to play them if I had gotten them back then. In fact, the closest I ever got was the demo for AoE III, and I recall that I had absolutely loved that very limited experience.

Thankfully, I discovered the Definitive Editions available on Steam, and purchased all three of them for myself last Christmas. I have not yet had a chance to install and play any of them, but I am definitely looking forward to trying them out, once I can get the opportunity to do so.

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