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The Solar System Simulator

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This seems to be the most appropriate section for this, so...

Here is the Solar System Simulator, made by NASA (probably. I don't really know who made it).

I love this thing. The SSS can can create images of any body in the Solar system from any point in space. It's very fast, easy, and you don't have to download any idiotic/unreliable programs to use it. I use this simulator to search for planets in the sky. Beware, it has some inaccuracies, and it also doesn't show constellations (you'll have to find them by yourself).


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There's also Celestia, a simulator of the Milky Way (the tiny part that we know something about, that is).

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Ah, yes, I remember this thing. I came across it on a Google search many years ago. Back then, I didn't have a lot to occupy my time with, so I was bored like that more often than I am these days. This thing sure does bring back memories for me.

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Thanks for the recommendation MurMur.  I have a copy of Celestia, but I have never heard of the Solar System Simulator until I saw your product recommendation.  For viewing objects in the solar system it seems to be a bit more intuitive than Celestia.

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