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Adventures In ToonWorld

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"He really makes you feel safe, huh?" Sawyer asked as she climbed on the other side of the throne bed. Louie had long arms which could wrap around the two of them easily.


Oliver changed into a fast food worker costume for the skit. "A hot dog, you say?" he acted out with Odie, "One will be coming right up sir!"


"I almost forgot about that," Kitty realized, "What year will it be, do you girls remember?"


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I'm turning 22 Chie said. " I haven't really celebrated my birthdays much, because I have been scraping by and couldn't afford much," " I'll cover the bills, " Dixie said. She grabbed a long bread roll and put it into a cart , which Kitty Mukua and Atrua put things into as they checked off the list. There was maybe 5 more things to get, then Dixie had a list of birthday gifts for Chie
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Captain Fairchild took Stripetail's advice to heart. Unfortunately, with the thugs scattering in every possible direction living A-10 could only pick out a few targets. That and several of them had exploited Neo Gotham's tangle of elevated highways and sidewalks to evade him, taking advantage of the plane's relatively poor maneuverability and size. That restricted him to the upper levels where his cameras could operate. And even then, it was difficult...except for the one who foolishly decided to use a jetpack to evade him. The device's flame stood out sharply against the relatively cooler buildings and sidewalks.

He could hear the honking of horns as the hooligan zipped between cars and small aircraft in an attempt to lose the living A-10. To his surprise, the jetpack pilot landed in what was clearly a posh section of Neo Gotham where harsh concrete and glaring lights gave way to shrubs, trees, lawns and even fountains.

Captain Fairchild broke off pursuit and used his camera to zoom in on the pilot, who was now landing at one of the houses. Another circuit and he was able to get a street number and address. Filing that away for reference, his internal fuel gauge pinged.

"Well, better head back to the airfield to refuel," he said as he wheeled around and headed back to the outskirts of Neo Gotham.

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