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Pros and cons of cheating in EU4


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Yes, I like to use cheat codes. I do it mostly when I buy a new game to help me get used to the controls without getting destroyed by enemies. However, EU4, or Europa Universalis 4, has really proved to be an exciting experience. Let me begin by saying this, I am now the most hated monarch in europe because of a little...expansion? Alright, sue me! So what if I conquered most of Northern Germany and New York? Afterall, its not like I am being malicious. Alright, maybe a little.

So, this started when I chose my favorite historical nation, Prussia, or Brandenburg as it is called when I started the game. I immediately spawned about 15 regiments of Napoleonic infantry for use against medieval pikemen. I trashed Magdeburg, the Teutonic Knights, Pomerania, Silesia, and Bohemia in the span of four years, before getting crushed by the HRE in Bohemia, then Silesia. Within a few weeks they were closing on Berlin, before I amassed my armies and destroyed them in Ruppin, after which I chased the HRE back into Austria, where I was forced into a guerilla and siege war for five years, until me and Austria finally negotiated a peace. While fighting a long and bloody war in Austria, I had to contend with four rebellions in two years, before I finally cored the provinces, and made peace. I know what you're thinking, I cheated everything I needed, well, I limited myself to a max army of 25 regiments at a time, and limited my cash heavily, so I would at least have a fair fight.

So after what the game called the "Epic War of Brandenburgian Aggression", I began rebuilding my territories, while trying to pacify my new subjects. I suffered another rebellion, then another, but ultimately created a stable kingdom the likes of which hadn't been seen in that region since Charlemagne. However, I had other problems. My little colonization attempt in New York City caused another massive war where my army of ten thousand men, which lost more then half of its men, fought bravely against thirty thousand(how in the hell did they even get that number?!) or so Iroquois, Abenaki, and Mahicans. Ultimately, I conquered Manhattan and vassalized the other three tribes, which are now "equal partners" in the mighty Kaiserreich von Pruessen(please don't kill me for potentially butchering your language German speakers.)

With the victory in Germany and North America, I thought I'd have an age of peace upon me, however, the Big Blue Bully(as I nicknamed France) decided to invade the HRE, and now I am getting called by the Holy Roman Emperor(who just thirty days earlier demanded I return my...conquests to him) to fight for him. My troops are tired and on the verge of rebelling, but now I have another war to fight. This just might be enough to cause a revolution that would destroy all I've worked for from 1444 to 1471. If that happens, its rage quit time.

In conclusion, don't be a warmongering jerk who conquers his neighbors with meat grinder frontal attacks and harsh treatment of opponents. Note, none of this is to be taken seriously in any way shape or form, it was just a funny experience I had playing the game, which I thought I could share. This is just a test phase for me to learn to play EU4, and once I complete the game(or die trying), I will probably(maybe, possibly) play it legitimately. I just thought this was a funny story on how a newbie bit off more then he could chew and wasted two days fighting to capture and hold territories the state he chose could never even hope to conquer in real life.


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I personally don't use cheat codes even though the constant reload/repeat mechanic is certainly tempting because Paradox has indeed made it quite challenging to sustain rapid expansion. For example, in EU3 I grabbed Baltics and some parts of Sweden as Teutonic Order and got destroyed. Also, in EU4 as India, the Ottomans and China tried to gang up on me but I just barely managed to fend them off. I really like Paradox games as they oftentimes really manage to build a complex yet believable gameplay. I've bought their every game since Crusader Kings 2.


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I did I still use cheat codes to video games. Like the contra code I use all the time when I play the game. And trust me you'll use all of those guys you get from that code. Still a very good game to this day.

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I have absolutely no familiarity with the particular game in question in this topic, but I will say that my stance on using game cheats has changed quite a bit throughout my life. When I was a kid playing games on the computer, I was more than happy to use whatever cheat codes I could use to help me, such as unlimited money in Sim City or unlocking every single park in Roller Coaster Tycoon.

As I grew up, I eventually started thinking that cheat codes kind of ruined the playing experience. In other words, I wanted to beat these games the way they were supposed to be done, because it was possible to do so, and I felt that it would be a real accomplishment to complete these games without ever using any cheat codes.

Just a few years ago, there was one achievement on Civilization V that I found to be especially difficult to unlock, no matter how hard I tried. I eventually reached a point where I seriously considered searching for some kind of cheat I could use to get it, but I eventually decided that it simply wasn't worth the effort and simply gave up on it.

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Well, it could be fun using the cheats, but normally I don't cheat, because bottom line: virtually anyone can win, when he uses cheats. Without cheats, it is challenge, and I can be proud, that I did beat the game, because I am good at it. I use the ironman mode, and it is never that easy.

My best game was parhaps Muscowy, then it became Russian Empire, and the country was big, but when the 1821 was near, I had to try risky war, because of achievement of 200 provinces. I did not use any cheats in this, and all wars, that I started until the last, were calculated, because if I started them recklessly, I could have lost a lot of toilsome conquered provinces, money, power...
I had a two good games too, as Poland, Sweden, and now 165 hours played.